On the 24th of September, 2013, the company Kovohutě Příbram nástupnická a. s. has became the major shareholder of RECYKLACE EKOVUK, a. s. (Extract from the Register of Companies) because of buying up the last available shares (commercial register statement). Since August the 21st, 2012, Kovohutě Příbram had the major share in this company. The chairman of the board of Recyklace Ekovuk is, since summer of 2012, Petr Janda, who is also current director of Kovohutě E-scrap division. The new company facility and headquarters are in Příbram inside the Kovohutě complex (contacts).



Address: RECYKLACE EKOVUK, a.s. – Kovohutě 530, Příbram VI-Březové Hory,

261 01 Příbram, Czech Republic

Certificates - actual (Kovohutě Příbram + Recyklace Ekovuk)



The company RECYKLACE EKOVUK, a. s. is active in the ecological disposal of lights and light sources (fluorescent, long-life, discharge tubes or lighting dispersal and control equipment, as well as traditional lightbulbs) and other mercury-containing scrap. These activities form a synergy with the waste-processing activities of the E-scrap division.






Disposal services for light sources and other mercury-containing waste are available for collection systems and major waste-generators.

The main supplier is the collection system Ekolamp.


Kovohutě Příbram and Recyklace Ekovuk - press release
             from September 04, 2013 (in Czech)

Kovohutě Příbram and Recyklace Ekovuk - press release from February 11, 2013 (in Czech)

Kovohutě Příbram and Recyklace Ekovuk - press release from October 19, 2012 (in Czech)



Brief company history of RECYKLACE EKOVUK, a. s.:

Starting in 1992, the re-use and removal of toxic waste containing heavy metals, particularly mercury, has been the activity of the company EKO-VUK, spol. s r.o. Towards this end, it has created and currently operates a network of recycling points. In 2002, for reasons of improving services and increasing its responsibilities for the technical provision of the recycling system for used fluorescent light sources and discharge tubes, all of the waste-processing activity of EKO-VUK, spol. s r.o. was separated and transferred to the newly created joint-stock corporation RECYKLACE EKOVUK, a. s.