Lead wastes purchase

Kovohutě Příbram (joint stock company) is an important processor of lead wastes in the Czech Republic. Almost 80 % of all bough–out lead wastes consist of lead accumulators. But our company also accepts other type of wastes, for example lead pieces, accumulators for railway stations and railway overhead contact system accumulators, as well as powder materials with lead content. Kovohutě Příbram thus provides an important environmental service for the whole country. Since the half of 1997, the buy–out of lead accumulators is focused, with respect to whole technology, on integral accumulators with content of an acid. Used method of processing enables to concentrate all accumulators within single locality in the Czech Republic. It is not necessary then to sort them out and dispose of the acid in more localities, as it was in the past.


The main suppliers of used accumulators are the companies involved in waste collection and the manufacturers - dealers of accumulators. Kovohutě Příbram aspires for creation of motivating price conditions for used accumulator suppliers, as a driving power for functioning of whole collection network within the Czech Republic. The purchase prices are comparable with prices abroad, and they are able to cover the expenses connected with collection and transport of accumulators (containers, trucks, etc.), including the reasonable profit for all engaged companies.

It is possible to contact directly Kovohutě Příbram if there is a possible supply.

The purchase is realised on the basis of Price and Delivery Conditions for a certain year according to the following specification:

Conditions and technical equipment of external companies, required within Kovohutě Příbram nástupnická, a. s. area


Purchase of lead car-batteries from citizens without end 24 hours daily and 7 days in week