Products division

Product Division deals with the production and sale of a wide spectrum of products on the basis of lead and tin. The whole assortment (PROFILE – ENGLISH, RUSSIAN), which represents approximately 2,000 items, can be divided into four groups – soft solders, cast alloys, products
and semi-products made of lead and air gun ammunitions.




  • Soft solders (in the form of wire, flux cored wires, bars) lead-free (in compliance with RoHS) and lead. Most solder types are applied in the electronic and electro-technical industries where there are high demands for chemical purity of alloys.
  • Bearing metals and special alloys (low-fusible alloys, alloys for production of jewellery, alloys for production of ammunition, etc.), metal powders on the basis of lead, tin and their alloys. 
  • Rolled lead and tin semi-products (lead sheets and foils, tin anodes), pressed lead semi-products (wires, profiles, tubes, bars) and cast lead products (various ballasts, seals, lead bricks, etc.).
  • Air gun pellets: hunting shots, pellets of calibres 4.5 mm and 5.5 mm and lead shots from ø 4.5 up to ø 13.84 mm. Air gun pellets are produced in various modifications and are used for air and gas guns.